Sellers Testimonial

Kathleen helped us sell our home in the wonderful duboce park area.

She was an amazing asset from start to finish, it's cliche for sure, but we absolutely could not have done it without all of her knowledge, expertise, hard work and of course her amazing roledex.

We started in the late summer of 2016 with a call to Kathleen.  She was immediately on it.  Given that we had bought our house from her 10 years ago in 2006, we thought she might be the best person for the job, particularly because of her expert knowledge of the area.  We had no idea how amazing she would be - after that first call to Kathleen we didn't even look elsewhere -  she turned out to be so much more than we expected.

We knew we had to remodel some parts of our house, and quickly discussed all the details with Kathleen.  In short order, she provided us with a detailed spreadsheet with a breakdown of all the costs, and given a variety of selling price points, what we might expect to net from our sale.  Throughout the process, I referred to this spreadsheet constantly, updating the numbers as we had more information available.  In the end, it was accurate to within $850 - amazing!

As soon as everything was laid out, Kathleen was at the helm, leading the charge.  At a certain point, I thought she was perhaps pushing too hard, but she knows her business, and knows how long it takes to get the contractors lined up, the work done, and the house ready for the market.  Her goal was for us to be on the market before Halloween, because Fall in San Francisco is a great buying season.  And had we been as ready as she was to get moving, we would have made it.  For our own reasons, we stalled for a couple of weeks, which cost us in terms of better market timing, so we ended up ready and on the market a few weeks later in early November.  

Kathleen helped us line up all the people we needed to get our remodel done, from our contractor, interior designer, to painters, window glass and stagers.  You truly cannot go wrong by choosing her, if only to get access to the best craftsmen in the city.

Throughout the remodel, she pushed us to refine the details, get everything right, and once again, proved that her expertise and knowledge was invaluable to getting our house ready for sale in the competitive market of San Francisco.

As we came close to the end, of course there's 100 details to wrap up.  Once again, Kathleen was there, wrapping up all the loose ends.  And of course she delivered on the marketing for the house, with a beautiful web site befitting our price point ($1.5M), flyers, signage and the like.  

We were on the market for what felt like an eternity to me, but it was only about 10 days.  What a relief to get our house sold for the price we wanted, in the time we wanted.  We owe it all to Kathleen (and her amazing team).

- Taylor and Rossy G. 

This review first appeared on yelp it is filtered out. I  am happy to put anyone in touch with these sellers upon request. Kathleen.